22-24 April 2022

Tavern Rush

Ghent, Belgium

A LAN WEEKEND OF fun, beer and return to castle wolfenstein

Day 1

Friday Night Magic

Day 2

Group Stage

Day 3



Friday Night Magic

Format: Gather

Price: €30 (includes €20 of food and drink allowance)

Date: 22 April 2022

Time: 6pm until late

Tickets Sold: Sold Out 26/26

Team Ticket

Format: 6v6

Price: €360 (includes €20 of food and drink allowance per day)

Date: 23-24 April 2022

Time: All day

Tickets Sold: 7/8


We are looking for donations to help support the LAN



Barvatar is a brand new bar and gaming café opening in the centre of Ghent. We will have exclusive access to 26 PCs. 6 are in the state of the art training room and the other 20 in the club area. Next to the club area we have our own seating to relax, drink and watch the matches as well as access to a professional streaming set-up if we choose.

Shopping Ghent South, Woodrow Wilsonplein, 9000 Ghent