When did you start playing RtCW, and how did you get into it?

Well, personally i've started playing it right after most of Quake players want to try something new (and RtCW did it in the best way since Counter-Strike).

Discovered the demo from the official ID Software site, always loved world war II themed games, and so i've really got impressed how they transposed the Quake engine inside a game like this.

What’s your most memorable moment so far in your RtCW history, and why?

Somewhere in the Internet, my old video "Bad to the Bone" edited by our legendary Sengo is still available, with the soundtrack of Terminator 2, where by myself I recover a game now lost on Village, semifinal of the Nation Cup, against the Netherlands Dutch considered number 2 at the time behind only Sweden Sweden, I killed 5 members of the opposing team and recovered the gold very close to the delivery truck, taking home the victory and giving us access to the final against Sweden Infensus Sweden :O

What do you feel is the most important skill in terms of contribution to winning games in RtCW?

Personal skill is a primary factor, specially in some maps, but the most important thing is the team play and the harmony you have with your teammates, do not lose your head for an action that went wrong, and above all the intuition in understanding the intentions of the opposing team. Furthermore, we must never be repetitive (especially in attack) but know how to adapt to the opponent's strategies, and why not, use a little madness which we Italians know how to do well (at present, ALL are afraid of Our Base, of which we hold the world record of 1:09 in an official game, due to our weird way of playing it :D

Why do you play RtCW over other competitive FPS games?

Right now, no modern game other than the same Quake in the new Champion version (perhaps Apex, the only valid alternative) gives me the same feeling as RtCW, because the FPS today are designed for a concept based solely on the grinding of the ranks, without giving any real involvement around the user

The team at LAN

What’s your confirmed lineup, and roles of the players?

We got 6 players confirmed, and they are me, Die, Sengo, Ter, Mister and finally our old captain and M founder Vert (we love you for all you did for us :*)

What’s your goal at LAN? Is there a finishing position you are targeting?

We got a real good roster, perhaps with Dan's defection, in some maps we could have some difficulties, since he is one of our best players, but certainly as we have already shown at the recent Quakecon where we finished third in the consolation group, we can maybe aim for a good placement also based on the choice of maps. Lately online, unfortunately, we have been a bit slow due to time-related issues, but in LAN I am sure we can give our best since we are usually the most penalized online (I exclude the poor guys of South America in this case).

What would you say was your best performance as a team to-date?

As a team as a whole, speaking of the good old days, we constantly qualified and passed the rounds often reaching the top 6 for the various Eurocups that were held (at the time the most prestigious competition in the game) and also as a national team we finished second against Sweden, after having beaten them during the group stage.

We also qualified online for the highly anticipated QuakeCon 2003 in Dallas, but for logistical reasons we had to drop our trip at that time.

More recently, however, at QuakeCon 2021 as we said before, after some wonderful matches in the upper bracket, we finished third in the consolation bracket, and in Division 3 of the RTCW Season placed in the first 2 places anyway;)

Who on your team is most likely to miss their flight and turn up late to LAN?

Surely Mister hahaha, Sengo will arrive later because the flights in his region are very badly connected

How do you prepare for games?

We actually try to have a 2-day schedule during week play, but unfortunately we often spent a period without playing because we were very messed up with work and personal matters. In addition to simple friendly matches, we have often recorded videos to share on our discord channel where we analyze the positions and strategies on the maps, and revised our demos to understand various mistakes made during official matches. When possible at least personally, I watch a lot of streams, both of gathers and other games


Of the teams signed up so far, what’s your prediction for final rankings?

No pressure can easily take the first place, followed by the Belgians of the Eindelijk Bier Drinken who will be able to play it on a par with the legendary 99 :D Immediately after I must say that the game is really open to all for the following spots

Who are you most looking forward to meeting at LAN and why?

FOR SURE, the ADMINS, if this LAN is possible is only for the EFFORT put in to have such a great event, after that our beloved friend of Holland like Joep and their mates, beer will be the central point of our meeting ahahah, but sure is really great to finally meet all fellow players that keep this extraordinary game alive

Which player do you think is the most likely to drink so much they can’t play the following day?

FOR SURE, our DIE, is the drink-master, but you need to fear him, because we got the best-drunken-engi of all time, he got special powers when he is drunk (so you know what maps to ban ahahahahah) and i think dutch boys right after :D

Are there any particular match-ups you’re looking forward to?

We always have such fantastic games with our french friend of aAa, everytime is really fun to watch :)

The Opposition

Out of the opposition players, who is the most difficult to play against, in your opinion?

Certainly among the members, the team of Belgian boys (who also play at home) will be one of the most difficult, and obviously no Pressure who at present have a scary roster. But I'm sure anyone on LAN can be a danger with ping 0 :D

Which team do you think is most likely to pleasantly surprise people (dark horse pick)?

Us? for what we said before ahahaha

Which opposition player do you feel is most underrated?

#follow.rtcw.lan, we didn't have the pleasure of playing with them so I can't tell you, but surely the aAa have excellent aimers in their roster and I would not underestimate them in the lan, for the rest I feel like saying that our team can reserve some big surprises in proportion to the alcoholic status of our members :D

The Future

What does the future hold for you and the team following LAN?

Surely after the LAN we will take a sabbatical break because we will be busy with many things, with my work as you now know I am in the gaming sector, I deal with hardware sales and we support the major streamers, content creators and pro players on Twitch, at present I am sponsor of the great Vengeur, Italian pride and current world champion of Quake Champions, and I will focus to support him for his next QuakeCon at Dallas and on the next events, tournaments, etc.

Surely, if there is an opportunity to play together again we will, but with this LAN an important chapter of our journey closes, perhaps even more than the 2 QuakeCon that we have played online forcibly for COVID.

For the rest, let's say it's more of a "we'll be back" than a "goodbye"

If you could make one change to the game, what would it be?

With the arrival of RTCW PRO I must say that an EXCELLENT job has been done by the developers, we had the opportunity for the first time to play online with our friends overseas, even with the Australian guys.

Maybe a few bugs here and there too many but easy to solve by now, I would probably like to see a greater focus on classic maps, perhaps making changes where some situations make them unplayable, and maybe bring them in rotation with some new ones (preferably not those of ET, but completely new) during upcoming events and tournaments

Are there any maps outside of the 7 at LAN you’d like to see in future tournaments?

I really appreciated being able to play the 6 classics (I hate frostbite deeply unfortunately, and even at the time it has always been one of the most mistreated) adler is already more appreciable, but I would still love to play the various SUB / CHATEAU / CASTLE (with the appropriate changes) but ESPECIALLY UFO which is a really fun big map. Also, the only one from ET that worked for me was Radar, nice and fast.