🎙️ Ditto


When did you start playing RtCW, and how did you get into it?

Back in the day, one of the teachers from my middle school had the demo installed in the IT area at school where he ran some 6v6 games every Friday after school, and not long after, I managed to get my hands on a full copy of the game.

We only had one PC in the house at the time, so me and my brother Nova had to play one at a time. Thankfully, it was technically my copy of the game, so I banished him to all the American shrub and bani servers which I suppose explains why he’s never managed to bridge the gap to my superior skills (:D).

Is there a particular gameplay element that keeps you coming back? If so, what is it?

There’s a buzz when you get a cheeky multi frag but I think the nostalgia from the memories that I have of the game is what keeps me coming back. I remember watching Operation Bigmac and the old-school iN and KiH frag movies on my old laptop with Nova growing up which I guess shows that there is something to the game that keeps people coming back when some of those lads are still playing today.

What’s your most memorable moment so far in your RtCW history, and why?

I’ve had the chance to play with some top lads and really high-skill players over the past few years. The core of the N9 team ( Adlad, WhiteWolf, and ZeD has remained the same since the beginning to the point where all of us are now pretty good mates.

I’ve had the chance to play with some skilled players the game has had over the past few years with KiH and the UK team, winning the past 2 NationsCups, however, being able to come together as N9 to beat a really well balanced and skilled team in the form of revamped KiH last QuakeCon was a highlight from the past few years for me.

What do you feel is the most important skill in terms of contribution to winning games in RtCW?

Having a solid aim will help any player, however, I think decent comms and clever game sense will always bring more to a team for me. Any player which has a combination of all 3 can make a big impact on any team.

Why do you play RtCW over other competitive FPS games?

I’ve played the game so long now that apart from a few odd games of FIFA with my mates, I never really played many other games over the years. I remember trying a few different games that I thought might be like RtCW, like ETQW, over the years but I never really had the time or desire to grind any game other than RtCW. My PC has always been a bit shit as well, so I think that’s another reason why I never moved onto anything else either.

The team at LAN

What’s your confirmed lineup, and roles of the players?

We’ve had a bit of a turbulent route to LAN with a few dropouts due to real-life reasons which has changed our LAN up a few times but our lineup is now complete.

Playing LT, Adlad is our team captain and lead in-game tactician. I know he’ll bring his tactics dossier to pre-drinks before each game. He already has us revising positions and pushes.

Whilst also having the flexibility to pick up the panzer, ZeD is our second LT. He’s managed to grind his way top 20 gather player in the game (:KEKW:) so I have no doubt that he’ll bring some balance and experience to our team at LAN.

As the team’s third main medic, WhiteWolf is the second half to the WhiteZeD combo. He’s the fastest strafe jumper in the North and overall top lad.

Nizou brings the firepower to our team as our panzer. On top of his movie-making skills, we’re hoping that he will be able to give us the power to cut through a defense on our attacks.

Finally, Swanidius is our most recent and second Finnish addition to our team. Swani is a solid medic and experienced ET player with previous LAN experience which will be valuable to the team. He’s been trying to convince Niz to share a double bed in Ghent for a few days now, so that will only up our team chemistry.

What’s your goal at LAN? Is there a finishing position you are targeting?

We’re all going with the main aim to have a laugh and to put some names to the faces that form and help keep this community alive but we’re all motivated to win as many games as we can. Collectively as a team, we’re quite new and haven’t played as many games together as some of the other teams but I know we’ll give it a decent go to place in the top 3 or top 4 if we can.

What would you say was your best performance as a team to-date?

We’re still quite new when combined together 6 as a team, so hopefully, our best team performances lie ahead at LAN. We’ve had some close games with bZ over the past few months, so it would be nice to get one over those boys in their own back garden (:D).

Who on your team is most likely to miss their flight and turn up late to LAN?

We’ve all just recently booked our flights. ZeD will be the first one of us arriving at the airport but my money would still be on him being late due to his love of his pre-game siestas. I’m probably not a bad shout either with my 06:00 am flight to Heathrow.

How do you prepare for games?

No doubt Adlad will have the projector up in his room before each game at LAN, but online, we mainly just get together to discuss ideas for our attacks on an empty server whilst fragging each other.


Of the teams signed up so far, what’s your prediction for final rankings?

I think everyone will be expecting nP to be the favorites to win, so I’d go with them as my first pick. Other than that, I’d say that EBT, BZ and ourselves from the remaining teams will form their closest challengers but I suppose that anything can happen on the day, especially with a few beers on the go (even though most of the pints I’ve seen from Discord look like milkshakes with their 8-inch heads).

As old-schoolers, Marauders have been putting in the hours over the past couple of years and I’m sure there’ll be some close games with AAA. On top of that, the entire gaming world knows that #follow.rtcw will want to top their previous #top11world placing at the last ET LAN, so I’m expecting some big things from those lads and lasses.

Who are you most looking forward to meeting at LAN and why?

I’m looking forward to putting some faces to names. Lockdown and COVID had spoiled previous plans for N9 meetups so it’ll be good to meet the lads in person.

Other than that, I know Kevin has been dying to meet me over the years and it’ll be nice to hear what syL has to say about all of those frags he stole for me in KiH. To be reunited with Joep after meeting him back in my neck of the woods a little while ago will be decent as well.

Which player do you think is the most likely to drink so much they can’t play the following day?

WhiteWolf has a reputation in the North for being a mean-shot demolisher and beer pong pro, so I have fears that we’re gonna have to keep an eye on that absolute madman.

Are there any particular match-ups you’re looking forward to?

bZ vs EBT will be a good game to watch as a benchmark to see what we’re going to have to do to get as highly placed as we want to be.

Spike’s production has been on point during his casts with Graceos so I’m looking forward to seeing the production value he’s going to bring to LAN. Fingers crossed for some guest casters throughout the weekend for some tasty soundbites.

The Opposition

Out of the opposition players, who is the most difficult to play against, in your opinion?

There is a load of experienced and really skilled players across all of the teams. Crumbs, for me, is the best all-around player in the game and all-around legend, so I think he’s one to watch for all of the other teams.

Which team do you think is most likely to pleasantly surprise people (dark horse pick)?

If he can manage to stay away from any ladders, I reckon Jin and the bZ team could be a bit of a dark horse to challenge for the honors but I think a few teams have some decent performances in them. Marauders are notorious for their deadly base pushes (just ask nP) so there might be a few surprises along the way.

Which opposition player do you feel is most underrated?

I think there have been some players really come on over the past couple of months. Delgon is a good example of that out of the LAN lineup.

Adlad has put the work in over the past few months as well, so hopefully, he can surprise a few people as well (PayPal me the 20 quid later, Ad).

The Future

What does the future hold for you and the team following LAN?

In N9, most of us have played together for the best part of 2 and a bit years now and it’s been some of the funnest times I’ve probably had in all the years I’ve played. It would have been great for some of the other lads to come (shoutout to Lasher, Nova, Canhanc and DozA) to make it but I know that we’re all looking forward to LAN.

I’m getting older now, so with work and family, I’m not quite sure what the future holds for me personally or N9 in general, but as for now, we’re just looking to make the most out of LAN. A bit mad that this game is still going, so I guess you never know.

If you could make one change to the game, what would it be?

RtCWPro has been a game-changer over the past few months and it’s helped breath some life into the game and community. I think some maps (like Frostbite, Village and Ice) could benefit from more dynamic spawn times, so it would be nice to see how those impact gameplay on those maps in the future.

Are there any maps outside of the 7 at LAN you’d like to see in future tournaments?

For me, not really. I think with the addition of Adlernest, the pool is solid enough as it is. I would though like to see Kungfugrip thrown in there for the bants (:D).