When did you start playing RtCW, and how did you get into it?

I only started playing in May 2020 after playing ET since 2003. I was getting frustrated with gathers in ET and there not being any competition anymore, and being the old man that I am, I decided to try RTCW since gathers were still quite new in that scene so it allowed for different kind of gaming.

What’s your most memorable moment so far in your RtCW history, and why?

It depends how you look at it. I didn’t start playing RTCW to win things as it would be foolish to start playing such an old game for such a reason, especially at my age. I was lucky enough to join the nP boys when I first started, having known some of them for a while, and they are a key reason as to why I still play and why I still enjoy it. Winning Quakecon after playing for 3 months only was nice however.

What do you feel is the most important skill in terms of contribution to winning games in RtCW?

You can’t put it down to one skill… aim, teamplay, gamesense, comms all play a major part; but if I were to look at one thing, I’d say mentality. There’s nothing worse than attacking and getting full held as it can be very demoralising, so it’s important to be able to brush yourself off and to move onto the next round straight away. Having said that, if you have a great mentality, but don’t have any of the other skills, it’s not great.

Why do you play RtCW over other competitive FPS games?

I don’t really have the time to play other games and I hate not being “good” at something which means starting new games becomes very difficult if you don’t dedicate a lot of time into it. In addition, I’ve always valued playing with people I know, it’s something that has keep me playing for a while. I’m not one for slow gameplay so I was never able to really get into anything else.

The team at LAN

What’s your confirmed lineup, and roles of the players?

Kris, mata, steve, L4mpje, Abj, crumbs

Roles will be a bit of a mystery, as we haven’t exactly been able to play much. Abj will be medic and everyone else will be swapping classes based on whatever crazy tactics, or whatever mood mata is in.

What’s your goal at LAN? Is there a finishing position you are targeting?

We want to enjoy it more than anything else. However, it we don’t win it will be very disappointing.

What would you say was your best performance as a team to-date?

Unfortunately, we’ve not been able to play much and when we have played, we’ve not been great as we are still looking at building team chemistry. Prior to this, it would be the final at Quakecon in 2020 but only half the team is the same from that, so not really relevant.

Who on your team is most likely to miss their flight and turn up late to LAN?

Mata – 100%. Still waiting for him to book his flight, accommodation, and to pay Kris for the entrance fee :D

How do you prepare for games?

We don’t play and when we do, we’ve not been great. Recently we’ve been warming up with KOTH or 1on1s, but it’s not proving to be successful :D


Of the teams signed up so far, what’s your prediction for final rankings?

We should win it. Then I’d say bZ, EBD, n9 but the order can very easily change. And finally, AAA, M, follow but again, the order can change easily

Who are you most looking forward to meeting at LAN and why?

Looking forward to seeing my teammates (including bunni who is like a teammate) more than anything else. Would be nice to put some faces to some names.

Which player do you think is the most likely to drink so much they can’t play the following day?

If Graecos drinks as much as he does in the photos he sends, I’d say him.

Are there any particular match-ups you’re looking forward to?

The games between bZ, EBD, n9 should all be really interesting.

The Opposition

Out of the opposition players, who is the most difficult to play against, in your opinion?

It’s difficult to pinpoint one player. A few come to mind such as Kevin, Ditto, Twister… but I’d say Dusty. He’s like any team’s safety net.

Which team do you think is most likely to pleasantly surprise people (dark horse pick)?

I hope EBD do well, good bunch of lads with a few underrated players there.

Which opposition player do you feel is most underrated?

Delgon/Twister. The dynamic German duo. I see both players as very reliable and objective oriented which is not that common nowadays. Delgon is a bit like a budget Dusty

The Future

What does the future hold for you and the team following LAN?

I guess more of the same – remaining together and playing the odd game here and there.

If you could make one change to the game, what would it be?

As I mentioned earlier, I’m a fan of fast gameplay, so I would mention lower some spawntimes to 25s would help. Some new maps would be very beneficial. However, I know people like the game as is (or how it was), so I don’t expect anything.

Are there any maps outside of the 7 at LAN you’d like to see in future tournaments?

Assuming the maps are ice, frostbite, village, base, beach, assault, village. I’d love to not play base/assault, and add in brewdog and a working version of radar. Bremen is cool too but I don’t want to push it