• The tournament is split in two phases: Groupstage and Playoff.

    1. Group phase: 2 groups of 4, made out like divisions. Each team plays each other once.

      • Group division 1 will receive seeds: 1 to 4, at the end of the group phase

        • Group contenders: Brugse Zotten, no Pressure, 99 Problems, flake

      • Group division 2 will receive seeds: 5 to 8, at the end of the group phase.

        • Group contenders: Follow.rtcw, AaA, Marauders, Underdogs

    2. Playoff: Single-elimination bracket with 8 teams.

  • The ranking of the groupstage is decided in the following order:

    1. Amount of wins

    2. Amount of draws

    3. Head-to-head victory

    4. Sum of round wins

    5. Win/Loss differences

    6. In case of a complete tie a decider match may be played that way:

      • 1 stopwatch, cointoss loser to remove first, map elimination till only one is left, loser of the cointos pick side. Map picking is made with the whole mappool.

  • The final ranking is decided by the playoff results


  • Matches will be played using latest version of RtCWpro (1.2.7) on LAN with Msh100's magic box.

  • Matches are 6v6 in Stopwatch Mode.

  • 1 of each panzer/flamethrower/venom is allowed per team.

  • No weapon boosting.

  • No intentional blocking of spawns or doors with revives.

  • Each team has two pauses per round.

  • Scoreboard and console messages. Accept the console message to determine who won the round.

  • Scoring (Entire Event): 1 point awarded per round won. If there is a double full hold no points will be awarded to either team. Teams can win a match 1-0, with one/three other rounds as Double Full Holds.

During groupstage phase

  • Teams can draw.

During playoff phase

  • Teams cannot draw, then the following applies to a decider match played in case of a complete tie, with the score being 2-2:

  • The decider is one round played using the AB format.

  • In the case of a double fullhold during the decider then play another BA round on the same map.

  • In the case of two double fullholds play another AB round on the final remaining map.



  • mp_assault

  • mp_base (10 timelimit)

  • mp_beach

  • mp_ice

  • mp_village

  • te_frostbite

  • te_adlernest_b1


  • During the whole tournament

    • The maps are played by ABBA format.

  • Division 1 : During the group phase

    • Both teams have to do a cointoss. The winner becomes the lower seed.

      • Low seed eliminates first.

      • High seed eliminates second.

      • High seed picks first map, low seed picks side.

      • Low seed picks second map, high seed picks side.

      • No decider

  • During the playoff phase

    • Low seed eliminates first.

    • High seed eliminates second.

    • High seed picks first map, low seed picks side.

    • Low seed picks second map, high seed picks side.

    • Low seed eliminates map.

    • High seed eliminates map.

    • Last map is the decider



  • Players may only play for one team of his division.

  • Players must use a clan tag.

  • Players must not use an extremely long clan tag.

  • Players must use the name listed on the teams roster page.

  • Players must record demos and submit them if requested.

  • A team can play with a minimum of 5 players (I.E. 5v6).


  • Your team does not have the right to refuse match casting/streaming*. If a caster is available and you agreed beforehand, casters can jump in your comms. No Discord voice channel will be enforced to you.

  • Casters who jump in to an on-going match, must have their mic muted beforehand and must avoid disturbing the team at all costs. Casters who do not follow this rule can be reported and then potentially removed.

  • Players are allowed to stream their own comms and POV.

SERVERS and crashes

  • All games should be played on the official LAN servers provided by admins.

  • If you have a problem with the assigned server for your match, please contact an admin.

  • If the admins decide you have purposely crashed the server this will result in the current stopwatch round being forfeited.

  • If there is a legitimate server crash, restart the current stopwatch half as needed.

  • If a player crashes, teams can use their two pauses until the player returns (If a player substitutes in or the crashed player returns they need to /kill when rejoining)


  • Weapon boosting is forbidden. However, accidental/incidental boosting does occur and it is legal. However, if a team feels that an "accidental boost" was intentional, they may contact the admins who will review the case.

  • On mp_village, the documents ARE NOT allowed to be passed on through the gate located near allied bridge/spawn. Doing so results in a forfeit of the round.

  • One panzer per team at one time. Player who spawns with a panzer is the only one who can shoot the panzer. No panzer swapping is allowed.

  • On mp_beach, teleporting through the floor/sinking into the ground near the basement barracks is ILLEGAL. Using this tactic will result in an immediate round loss.

  • Document duplication glitch: In the rare event that the documents become duplicated on any map, you are NOT allowed to transmit the fake documents to complete the round. Doing so will result in an immediate round loss. Utilizing a pause as soon as this happens to straighten out the situation is highly recommended.

  • If your team has a question about the legality of a possible tactic or exploit, contact an admin as soon as possible to avoid being penalized. If a player/team is found guilty of using an exploit that gained an obvious advantage, "It wasn't explicitly stated as being an exploit in the rules", "I/We didn't know," and "Everybody else is doing it," are NOT valid excuses. Spending an inordinate amount of time searching for the next undocumented exploit that gains your team an advantage in a match will almost certainly result in a penalty/forfeited round.

  • The usage of any external applications or devices is strictly forbidden (external mouse button controls are allowed). Players caught using one of these will result in a ban and possible team disqualification.


  • The tournament will be played on the official "Road to Ghent 2022 config"*

* Name of the config to be defined by admin team


All participants are expected to adhere to the highest standards of sportsmanship and ethical conduct. Examples of non-sportsmanlike behavior include, but are not limited to: Excessive use of profanity, insulting or rude behavior to anyone connected to the server, at any time. Failure to follow the instructions of a Referee or Tournament Official, publicly flaming or otherwise harassing, insulting, or excessively arguing with any person participating or connected to the tournament, in any forum or venue whatsoever, where the subject of the exchange is related to the activities of the tournament itself or derogatory comments about the sponsors of Tavern Rush LAN, or their products and services, will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal from the tournament.


The admins reserve the right to modify the following rules as necessary. Teams should check the rules on a regular basis and prior to every match to ensure they are in complete compliance. Rules are marked with an update date and we provide a log of changes to assist in this capacity (see below). These rules are guidelines by which this group of tournaments operate to ensure a fun and even playing field for all teams. At all times, these rules are subject to interpretation by admins. While our event strives to provide the most comprehensive rules possible, not every scenario can be anticipated. Those matters are left to admin discretion based on the spirit of these rules and the situation at hand. Remember, this is just a game and good sportsmanship should be displayed at all times throughout the event. By participation in this event, all players on a roster agree to all rules above.


2022-04-22 - by Graecos

- Removing the ref rule, only admin will manage games.

- Adding the Head-to-head rule to the groupstage ranking rules.

2022-04-13 - by Graecos

- Removal of the stream delay (due to Barvatar projector & big tv)

- Replaced the knife fight with cointoss

- Adapting the way to rank teams in groupstage

2022-04-05 - Draft by Graecos

2021-08-10 - Created Rules.