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When is the LAN?

22-24 April, 2022

Where is the LAN?

Ghent, Belgium

What is the venue like?

Barvatar is a brand new bar and gaming café opening in September. We will have exclusive access to 26 PCs. 6 are in the state of the art training room and the other 20 in the club area. Next to the club area we have our own area to relax, drink and watch the matches as well as access to a professional streaming set-up if we choose.

Once Barvatar opens we will try to share more information about the venue and what you can expect when visiting.

Do I have to bring my own equipment?

Everything (pc, mouse, keyboard, headset) is present what you need at the lan venue. You can bring and use your own peripherals if you please. Don't forget to save your config somewhere online, as plugging in an USB stick probably won't work

How are the desks setup at the venue?

In total there are 26 PC's:

  • 6 PC's are available in the training room

  • 20 PC's are in the club area (5x2 - 5x2)

For the 6v6 tournament we will use this layout (a letter is one team) for the 3 teams playing the club area:

A A A A A | A X C C C
B B B B B | B X C C C

Can I come visit the lan as a spectator?

Ofcourse! We have our own area to relax, drink and watch the matches on multiple screens inside the venue. Streaming will be done from inside the broadcasting room at the venue.

How is the weather in belgium late april?

April is quite unpredictable in terms of weather in Belgium. It can be sunny, it can be rainy, there can be snow. Just check the weather forecast before you pack your bags.

Monthly averages

Min: 4 °C, Max: 14 °C

Rainy days: 10, Precipitation: 52mm, Sunshine hours: 173

Where can i park my car in ghent?

Parking inside the city center of ghent is quite expensive (average 10-15 eur/day) depending where you park. If you drive an old car, you won't also be allowed to enter the city center. If you want to save some more money for drinking beers, I suggest you park at one of the free parking spots outside the city center, and come by public transport (bus, tram). Ghent is reasonably small and has a good public transport. Personally, I'd recommend parking at Flanders Expo. Full list here: https://visit.gent.be/en/good-know/practical-information/how-get-ghent/car/pr-car-parks

How is public transport in Ghent?

It's fine. Trams and busses will take you anywhere in the city. The LAN venue is really close to a big public transport stop (Gent zuid).

More info: https://stad.gent/en/international-students/living/transport-travel/public-transport-ghent

Although cyclists rule the streets here in Ghent. You will get faster to your destination: https://visit.gent.be/en/tag/cycling

What happens if the LAN is cancelled due to Covid19?

We have assurances from Barvatar that if the event cannot take place due to local or federal government measures, a refund will be provided. If your own country has measures in place that stop you attending we will need to discuss refunds on a case by case basis. For full terms and conditions see http://www.rtcw.events/terms-and-conditions

Friday Night Magic

What is Friday Night Magic?

Friday Night Magic is a fun gather where we play with larger teams 10v10 (or more) on maps such as depot, tram, destruction and marketgarden. Beer will be flowing at the bar and this is a chance for you to play the first ever Friday Night Magic on LAN.

How much does a ticket cost?

A Friday Night Magic ticket costs €30 this will give you access to your own PC for the Friday evening (6pm until late) and a guaranteed place in the first ever Friday Night Magic on LAN. Your ticket also includes €20 in food and drink allowance.

How many tickets are available?

There are 24 tickets available. Tickets are first come first serve and we do NOT expect to release any additional tickets. If we do not receive you payment within 10 working days of registering you may lose your place.

How do I pay for my ticket?

You should receive payment instructions in your email confirmation once you have completed the registration form. We expect payment within 10 working days or you may lose your place.

Team Tournament

When is the 6v6 tournament?

The 6v6 team tournament will be held across Saturday and Sunday. It will most likely be a group stage followed by double elimination bracket. You will be required to be available to play on Saturday morning so will need to arrive in Ghent on Friday 22nd April. In some rare circumstances we may be able to place your team in a group which will play later in the day but this will be decided on a case by case basis.

How much does a ticket cost?

An early bird team ticket costs €360 this can be broken down to €30 per player per day. Your ticket also includes €20 back in food and drink allowance per player per day. We prefer teams to pay either the full amount or split the total amount into two separate payments whilst you finalize your lineup.

Early bird ticket sales end on 31 October 2021, after this date ticket prices may rise as we look to cover additional costs associated with the LAN. You must be fully paid by this date to be eligible for the early bird ticket price.

How many tickets are available?

Initially there are 8 team tickets available. Team tickets are first come first serve. Delaying payment may cause your team to lose their spot.

How do I pay for my ticket?

You should receive payment instructions in your email confirmation once you have completed the registration form. Please use our wise.com referral link when sending money using a different currency.