All participants are expected to adhere to the highest standards of sportsmanship and ethical conduct. Examples of non-sportsmanlike behavior include, but are not limited to: Excessive use of profanity, insulting or rude behavior to anyone connected to the server, at any time. Failure to follow the instructions of a Referee or Tournament Official, publicly flaming or otherwise harassing, insulting, or excessively arguing with any person participating or connected to the tournament, in any forum or venue whatsoever, where the subject of the exchange is related to the activities of the tournament itself or derogatory comments about the sponsors of Tavern Rush LAN, or their products and services, will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal from the tournament.


The admins reserve the right to modify the following rules as necessary. Teams should check the rules on a regular basis and prior to every match to ensure they are in complete compliance. Rules are marked with an update date and we provide a log of changes to assist in this capacity (see below). These rules are guidelines by which this group of tournaments operate to ensure a fun and even playing field for all teams. At all times, these rules are subject to interpretation by admins. While our event strives to provide the most comprehensive rules possible, not every scenario can be anticipated. Those matters are left to admin discretion based on the spirit of these rules and the situation at hand. Remember, this is just a game and good sportsmanship should be displayed at all times throughout the event. By participation in this event, all players on a roster agree to all rules above.


2021-08-10 - Created Rules.